TRD, (Türk Radyo Dünyası Ltd), was founded in June 2003 as a global Turkish popular music, Internet radio station. Non-stop, 24 hour-a-day broadcasts began that August and have been continuing ever since.

Very soon after broadcasts began, we had attracted a global audience of several thousand listeners whose feedback led to the creation of specialist channels TRD SANAT and TRD ALTIN. Later on, we created TRD1 EXTRA for listeners in time zones greater than 6 hours. This was further enhanced by a Top 30 chart and request/dedication show allowing us to interact more with our listeners. Naturally, all these shows had to be programmed to ensure that they could be enjoyed in any time-zone.

With Turkey being located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, one of our aims was to allow non-Turkish listeners to also enjoy TRD. We felt that although Turkish as a language may be a very foreign sound to speakers of other languages, the music contained an ambience and a vibe which even non-Turkish speaking listeners would appreciate. For this reason, the TRD website and jingles completely produced in both Turkish and English.  

Now into our eighth year of non-stop global broadcasting, and with more than 150,000 individual listeners generating more than ½ million connections to our audio streams and more than 3 million hits to our website each month, we are proud of that fact that we are the most listened to Turkish music Internet radio station in the world.

We would like to thank you, our listeners, all over the world for you continuous support, and for helping TRD become the number one online Turkish music radio station in the world.

Happy listening,

Türk Radyo Dünyası Ltd




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